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January 25, 2008

(e-mail from Rocco Montesano)

I would like to clarify the issue of using data in your Professional Growth Plan (PGP). If you have included the use of data in your PGP, please understand that you will not be evaluated on whether or not you ACHIEVED the statistical goal you established. Your supervisor should only consider the PROCESS that you took in trying to reach the statstical goal you set.

Keep this mind as you work on your PGP and certainly at the end of the year when your supervisior comments on your PGP. Please contact me or your Building President whenever you have questions or concerns about your PGP.


March 29, 2007

(E-mail from committee co-chair Rocco Montesano explaining key terms of the APPR process)

Over the past year and a half the APPR District committee, which includes five TA reps and myself as co-chair, has worked on the evaluation process for TA members.

Annual Performance Review (APR) -- You are all familiar with this goal-setting process. The APR process has been in place for years and it is explained in our contract. You might remember that a disagreement arose with the District concerning the function of the APR. The District was using the APR as an assessment tool to satisfy NY State regulations which require that a tenured professional have an annual assessment. The TA position was that the APR was a goal-setting process to encourage an educator to stretch his/her professional development. It was NOT intended to be an assessment tool. The compromise reached was to form a committee to recommend to the Superintendent a different means of annual assessment. If the committee's recommendations are accepted, the TA will have to open negotiations with the District about the future of the APR process. TA leadership will not accept an extra burden on teachers. The most direct solution would be to replace the APR in the contract with the new assessment plan. The state-required annual assessment of a tenured professional is known as the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)...

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) -- The committee has created an APPR process in order for the District to annually assess a tenured professional. The intent of the committee was to blend the current APR process with the District's commitment to the Charlotte Danielson teaching model. The new APPR process will be an extended version of the APR you have been using. Charlotte Danielson's book and staff development will be provided for those veteran teachers who have not received training in the Danielson model (teachers new to the District have received this training for the past 8 to 10 years). Representative Council has seen the draft of the APPR. Concerns raised by Rep Council will be addressed. The plan is to have this new APPR process introduced in September 2007 with the appropriate workshops and training to follow. It should be noted that an APPR evaluation that does not meet BH-BL standards would lead to a Teacher Improvement Plan (TIP)...

Teacher Improvement Plan (TIP) -- NYSUT fought to gain a NY State regulation called the Teacher Improvement Plan. If an administrator has concerns about the performance of a professional (tenured or non-tenured), the District must initiate a TIP. The professional, with TA assistance, collaborates with the administration to create a plan of action to help the professional improve in a designated area. The plan will be based on the Danielson model mentioned above. The purpose of a TIP is to assist the professional in growing as an educator. It is NOT to be used in a punitive manner. The TIP plan adopted by the committee has incremental steps depending on the needs of the teacher and the teacher's success in completing the TIP. TA leadership will pursue the placement of this process in the contract. The plan is to introduce the TIP process in September 2007 and to follow with appropriate workshops and training. Representative Council has seen the draft of the TIP. Concerns raised by Rep Council have been addressed.

Portfolios -- NY State Regulations mandate that nontenured professionals complete a portfolio in addition to three formal observations. The BH-BL portfolio follows the Danielson model. In fact, nontenured teachers will find that the APPR process that they will do after becoming tenured is a modified version of the portfolio process. This continuity was a major goal of the committee.

May 14, 2007

The Annual Professional Performance Review Committee has proposed a revision of the District's process for dealing with professionals whose evaluation raises concerns. We have used different terms in order to make clear that it includes all professionals. It creates a process that provides guidance in a collaborative way, yet does lead to serious consequences for a professional who does not meet established standards as described in the APPR plan (based on Charlotte Danielson). Please note that TA Reps on this committee had a strong voice in helping create this process. NYSUT recommendations form the core of the ideas in the Targeted Guidance Plan for Tenured Professionals.

The Portfolio process for non tenured professional, the APPR process for tenured professionals and the Targeted Guidance Plan for Tenured Professionals will be presented in large group and small group venues next year. Staff development is being planned for all those not familiar with Charlotte Danielson. Please review and respond to Rocco Montesano as soon as possible.

Some teachers requested to review the APPR process (created by the Committee) that Rocco sent out a few months ago. This is the process that will be used to decide if a tenured professional needs a Targeted Guidance Plan.