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April 02, 2009

The Health Insurance Committee is preparing to suggest the following considerations to the Superintendent.

For MVP members:

1.  Consolidation of MVP and CDPHP into CDPHP.  Please see the attached benefit comparison.


For Blue Shield 907 and PPO members:

1.  Zero Dollar Co-Pay Program. Allows members who are on brand name maintenance medications to try a generic "therapeutically equivalent" drug at $0 co-pay from the retail pharmacy for six months.  After six months the member continues to save with a regular generic co-pay.  You will not be required to try the generic, this is an optional program.

2.  Select Home Delivery.  Patients will receive phone calls and educational letters informing them of the benefits of purchasing their maintenance medication via mail order rather than at the retail pharmacy.  Members can choose to enroll in the mail order program or opt out and continue to use the retail pharmacy.

Programs that the committee decided are not viable at this time include: the Step Therapy Drug Program and CanaMeds. 

The Health Insurance Committee is a Shared Decision Making Committee charged with finding savings within our existing health insurance plans, without changing the levels of benefits available to our members.  We are an advisory committee and the final decisions on issues not related to our bargaining agreement are at the discretion of the Superintendent.

Stephanie Andrejcak

TA Health Insurance Chair


April 30, 2008

(e-mail from Insurance Chair to TA Members)

To all Blue Shield 907 Traditional Insurance Members:

Please make sure when filling a prescription at the pharmacy that you are using your Express Scripts Card, (this is a WHITE card). Your prescription co-pay at the pharmacy should be $3.00 or $6.00. Presenting your Traditional Blue Medical Insurance card (this is a BLUE card) at the pharmacy may cause you to pay more than necessary for your prescriptions. If you do not have an Express Scripts Card you should call 1-888-838-2579 to request one.

Thank you,

Stephanie Andrejcak

Chairperson for TA Health Insurance




Brad Thomas,
Jun 8, 2011, 6:55 PM